Brandon Couchman D.C.


Doctor Brandon Couchman is a chiropractor at Elevation Health Center in Boise, ID. If you are struggling with neck or back pain, headaches or migraines, carpal tunnel, sciatica, or any other health condition please contact us today.

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Chiropractic Assistant

Megan fell in love with Chiropractic when she injured her back in 2012. She was told her only option was surgery. The only professional she could find that was open to exploring holistic options was Dr. Brandon, so she decided to give Elevation Health Center a try. The therapy changed her life, and she decided to join the team.

Megan is multi-talented and has filled many roles, from being a Chiropractic Assistant to working the front desk. She is now our billing specialist and works hard to help our patients understand their benefits. Being a part of assisting others in reaching their health goals is her passion.

Like every Idaho native, she loves spending time outdoors hunting and fishing with friends. Her favorite getaway is camping with her husband, Trevor, and their two adorable kids.


Chiropractic Assistant

Gabby has been working at Elevation Health Center as a Chiropractic Assistant since 2021. She is currently studying for her bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at Boise State University. Her goal is to get her master’s degree in Functional Medicine, thereby fulfilling her dream of working in the medical field to help people through the healing process.

Gabby is outgoing, fun, and loves to take care of others. She’s a joy to be around and a welcome addition to our staff. When she’s not working, Gabby loves to spend her time outdoors playing sports with her family and friends.


Front Desk Manager

Cameron has been a part of the Elevation Health Family for three years. He’s been on both sides of the front desk, first a patient and now as the front desk manager, doing everything from scheduling to billing to handling the occasional glitches that come with our fluid routine. Cameron works hard to make the office run smoothly, and anyone who knows him loves his personable nature and easy sense of humor. He enjoys interacting with the patients, making them comfortable, answering their questions, and meeting their needs.

Cameron is a down-to-earth guy who loves Jesus, his family, and guns. He’s been married to Lynae for four years, and together they have a son. They enjoy cooking, camping, hunting, and church activities together.


Chief Attitude Officer

Tammy has served as a consultant at Elevation for the past six years. As our HR person and patient advocate, she meets regularly with the staff to propose new ideas and support effective communication. We call her our CAO (Chief Attitude Officer) because of her extraordinary ability to foster a positive and cohesive environment everywhere she goes. Her extensive travels and missionary work have made Tammy an experienced team builder and valuable part of the Elevation Staff.